British Businessman Attacked by Hoodlums in Istanbul

The security situation in Istanbul is getting worse by the day. Two nights ago, the 9th case of robbery on foreigners by Syrians is reported. This time it was a British businessman, Manuel Bauer who was a victim. Mr. Bauer has been in Istanbul for a little more than a week to supply and install medical devices at a new hospital when he was attacked on his way home on Monday night by Syrian hoodlums who were trying to rape a 13-year-old girl, Esma.

Being a father and a helper, Mr. Bauer sprung into action and confronted the rapists. He engaged them in a fight as he tried to save the innocent little girl. He received serious beatings and is laying with broken bones at Guzel Private Clinic. The police are intensifying efforts to track down the criminals who did not only beat him but robbed him of his briefcase with very important documents and credit cards in it.  Should you have any information regarding these wanted criminals, kindly walk into the nearest police station close to you and make a report.

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